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Reality is for people who lack imagination

Shinme's blog

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  • shinme@livejournal.com
So, I'm Shinme. Also known as Alexandra or Alex. :)

Who I am? female, open-minded, swedish, social worker,
creative, shy, thoughtful, kind-hearted, curious,
fanfiction writer, music lover,

What I like? asian culture, languages, sane fangirls, good fanfiction,
eunhae, singing, sunny days, writing stories, poetry,
rainy days, hyukjae's gummy smile, musicals, boy/boy, RENT,
donghae's fishy eyes, blohyuk, dbsk, yunjae, knitting, sarcasm,
pretty boys


I'm mostly on LJ to follow my fandoms and to post my works. Add me if you like, but remember to leave a comment if you want me to add you back. ^^ I enyoy making new friens, especially if we have the same interests.

If you like EunHae, go ahead and join my community: eunhae_lovers